The Concourse of Union Station, Saint John, New Brunswick 1968

The Concourse of Union Station, Saint John, New Brunswick 1968

The Concourse is that big open space in every Union Station in every important city. The big room with often grand ceilings and proud architectural details is where everyone crosses paths and every competing rail line resides, offering their services side by side and, in the beginning with rail, often for the first time ever.

Our first Concourse on the Harbourfront of Saint John, New Brunswick was empty space for many years and has a storied past, housing countless businesses over more than 140 years. We didn’t want to erase that. Instead we kept the stories on the walls, ceiling, and floors and didn’t cover over them. We installed some modern details and have brought in some modern furniture but we have respected the envelope of this great room and we hope you like working in this space as much as we do.

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USTATION Members want and have a lot of options for places to work in. We assume that everyone is set up to work from home, from a favourite coffee shop, or even a private office nearby. So if you are going to come to USTATION it needs to be beautiful, comfortable, and interesting as well as a place that meets a variety of needs for a great place to work. All of these elements are present in the USTATION Concourse.

The Concourse is where you hang your coat, fill up your bottle with fresh, cold water, and make a Nespresso before you grab a great seat to work in. The Concourse has solid WiFi throughout, 9 separate and unique seating areas, and an aesthetic that is comfortable, bright, and engaging. It’s a great place to work.