We are all about making people more productive; It’s the fundamental reason why we exist. We are a membership-based company with a growing network of inspiring, tech-enabled spaces so you can get to work.

USTATION Members are entrepreneurs, mobile professionals, freelancers, and ‘Digital Independents’ - people who can work from anywhere through the internet. We enjoy faster, more reliable, and secure wifi than we can get on any public network. We access a portfolio of usable technologies that live in the background of thoughtfully designed spaces that help us work better and smarter. We have everything we need to get to work.


Monthly Plans



A Pay-As-You-Go membership that gets you access to USTATION doors and networks.

Available in 2019.


A solid base membership with great value added so you can get to work at a great price.


Unlimited Concourse

Full access to the concourse gives you an office in the city and enough support so you can get to work with nothing in your way!



Your own office but plugged into a network of support, near a hub of independent productivity.

Starting at $500



$25 Day Pass

Come and go as you please for 24 hours.
(Unlimited Concourse Members don’t need day passes)

$15 Guest Day Pass

Give your guest 24 hour access while they’re with you.


Remote and Onsite Printing

Print from any device from anywhere in laser colour or b&w and pickup at USTATION.

Vertical Hot Desk

Ergonomics matter, right? Get on top of your work in an engaging posture and plug into a broader window to your work world.

Conference Room

Book our conference room by the hour with movable tables, glass whiteboard, and large LED screen ready to cast your presentation.