We are now in our 3rd decade with the internet and connecting should be a non-issue. But in most public places it’s still risky, slow, and not worth it. Security can be an issue, privacy can be an issue, and simply connecting can be such a pain that many don’t even bother.


No VPN required

USTATION is different than a VPN. Everything you do on your network is already privately and uniquely encrypted. No need to slow down your performance with that VPN anymore. Take that, public WiFi!

Painless Connecting

When you open the door or open your USTATION Member App, you’re connected. USTATION WiFi makes getting connected seamless and thoughtless, as it should be. It’s a utility, after-all. After your first connection, no more passwords, terms and conditions, or any other barrier for Members.

Blazing fast!

You’re not sharing this network with your neighbours the way you do on public wifi. USTATION WiFi is always fast - we prioritize this utility as one of the bedrock services our members need to get to work.


Security Explained


USTATION WiFi is like connecting to a managed enterprise Fibre network except each member is given their own private network that is customized for their best experience. For example, we can give a Member a lot more bandwidth if we see that they need it. Our network has secure encryption built in for each member so no one else on our network can eavesdrop on another members or a guest’s private data.